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Get A Free Home Warranty

After all of the expenses associated with buying a new home, who needs unexpected repair bills?  Besides, if you're moving into a new neighborhood or new city, who would you call?  Check out the link above to to find out how you can get a FREE 12-MONTH HOME WARRANTY.

Using IRA's for Real Estate

Considering adding Real Estate to your IRA?  Here's 6 reasons why you should tap retirement funds now to buy rental property...

Buying Short Sales

There's nothing "short" about buying a short sale, but there are good home values available if you are willing to wait.  Click this link to find out how the short sale process works.

Market Watch

Charts and graphs showing the number of homes for sale and the average selling price of homes by location. Data is shown on an easy-to-read line graph that depicts the market's trends for the past 15 months. These charts are automatially updated around the 6th or 7th of each month and sent to you via email so you can track market activity and save money by determining the best time to buy.

What's My Home Worth?

A cool tool that allows you to enter your home address (or the address of any home that you are interested in) and it will automatically send you pricing information on all similar homes in the area. 

Florida Taxes

An explaination of Florida's taxes, including property taxes, income taxes, sales taxes and more.  This is must-know information for anyone considering a move to Florida.

Tax Implications for Foreign Investors

Want information about US Taxation for non-resident real estate investors? Click here for a detailed explanation of the tax consequences when a foreign national buys or sells real estate in the United States. Tax on rental properties is also discussed.

Currency Exchange

A resource to assist you in managing your currency exchange.

Area Utilities

Need the phone number for the electric company? You've come to the right place! Here's a complete list of all utility providers for Sarasota and Manatee Counties.... phone numbers, addresses, and website links.

Up Town ..and Around!

Want to know about local schools, theatres, restaurants, and museums? Need the phone number for city hall? Click here for anything and everything that is happening around Sarasota and Bradenton




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